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From the Buena Vista Social Club™  ELIADES OCHOA

Eliades Ochoa is considered one of the most important Cuban musicians of all time. He was born on June 22, 1946, in Loma de la Avispa (Santiago de Cuba province), in the east of the island.

He has always been a true champion of traditional Cuban music, in the process becoming one of the greatest exponents and representatives of son, bolero and guaracha.

At the age of six he played the first notes on his guitar and at twelve he moved with his family to Santiago de Cuba; walking around the city and singing what he’d learned off the radio.

Ochoa achieved international recognition through his participation in the Buena Vista Social Club™. He and the group spread traditional Cuban music all over the world, congregating whole generations of fans during its 20 year history.

The Cuban Johnny Cash, as he is commonly known, is currently preparing a new tour, scheduled for 2018. A tour entirely based in his native Cuba, travelling through this Latin American folk sound in its purest style, rescuing traditional Cuban instruments such as marimba and botijuella, sounds almost forgotten by contemporary music.

Throughout his six decades and more on stage, Eliades Ochoa has collaborated with well-known names such as Ry Cooder, Toumani Diabate, Manu Dibango, Vieux Farka Toure, Rafael Cueto, and Ñico Saquito among other illustrious Cubans. In 2014 Eliades recorded the mythic song “All Along the Watchtower” as a tribute to another influence Bob Dylan.

“There are no distances, languages or borders, nothing like that in the music I create. I am a jíbaro (farmer) who lives proudly after finishing a performance with a standing ovation, and I owe it to my culture that I have never stopped doing traditional Cuban music. Cuban son is the signature dish in my restaurant! ” Eliades Ochoa