Musicians BIO

Tito Bonacera (electric bass) was born on October 11th 1878 in Buenos Aires (Argentine). Multi-instrumentalist, music producer he has collabrorated with wide range of artists such as Luis Salinas, Brian Jackson, Jeff Young, Raynald Colom, Sharon Jones, José Reinoso, Path Fred, Libert Fortuny, Fabiana Cantilo among others.


Jean Baptiste Ekoué Gbadoe a.k.a. JB (percussion)  started his musical career in various local groups as well as in ballet projects in the district of Lomé, going on to work with many great Togolese artists.

Resident in Paris since 2004, he collaborated with several artists in Europe, since his move to France.

From 2011 to 2015 JB joined Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara’s band, performing more than 500 shows spread over 5 continents with her. He has also been in demand as a percussionist with the likes of King Mensah, Bassy Blick, Bello, Medway both live and in the studio.


Arecio Smith (Keybards) is one of the most versatile musicians in the Spanish scene. This has led him to join in many projects such as Fundación Tony Manero, with whom he recorded the gold album “Looking For La Fiesta” (Virgin, 2001), La Kinky Beat, recording and performing the album “Made in Barna” (Kasbah 2005) throughout Spain and Europe, or Phat Fred, whose album “Do Not Spoil the Soup” was very well received in the Japanese rare grooves market, and was also presented in several Jazz festivals like Jazz-a-luz, Jazz Terrassa or Jazz de Reus (Spain) and St. Paul Soul Jazz (France).

With Astrio, one of his current projects, he has performed through events like Sónar 2008, Cruïlla de Cultures 2008 and 2012 , Senglar Rock 2008 , Festival de Jazz de Vic 2003 and 2012, Black Music Festival (’03, ’04, ’05), Festival de Blues de Manresa, or Nordlys Festival (Norway) in 2008. In 2012 he started the band Flow Fanatics featuring the famous Spanish rapper Rapsusklei, with whom he again performed through many big festivals like BAM or Rototom among others.

Arecio Smith is of course a well-known fan of Nord keyboards, and he cooperates with Adagio, the Spanish distributor for Nord, in demonstrating and teaching other users how to get the best from the equipment.


Yacuba (guitar) born in Burnika Faso in 1989 he comes from a family of musical tradition. With only 12 years old he srtated playing drums and few years latter he decided to change and play the guitar.

In 2007 he joins the Bobo Dioulasso and his group Djiguiya touring and recording an album. He has played with Alou SANGARE, Aliya COULIBALY, Cheick Sirma SISSOKO, Fousséni Fakoly, Skouba Bambino, Mohamed DIABY, Massan COULIBALY and Fousco et Djénéba.

In January 2017 he joins Fatoumata Diawara and Hindi Zhara in the performance debout of the Olimpic Cafe Tour and in 2018 he joins Faotumata Diawara on her new project.